What an Arse!

August 22, 2008

Of late, banter with my friend The Skepbitch – the Cunning Linguist herself – has revolved around an obsessive-compulsive behavior of mine.  Though I’m straying into new territory by revealing myself, here goes:

For some odd reason I have this awful affinity for alliteration.  As in Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Some people step over cracks, I repeat first consonant sounds in phrases.

(See, I knew this blog would somehow be cathartic and therefore much cheaper than counseling!)

Today she posted a funny-assed article about the meaning of the phrase Half-Assed. Please read it, but remember – she’s really smart.  And has a PhD in LINGUISTICS. So don’t feel bad if, like me, you have to use wikipedia to be sure of the meaning of some of the words.  No complaints here, though.  I like when a woman teaches me new words.  Brings me back to first grade and Mrs. Teal.

Ahh…Mrs. Teal, with her beautiful bee-hive bouffant …err..coiffe.

Wait, back to Karen –  I’m really not sure which impresses me more: the fact that she knows so many eloquent-ass phrases or that she knows so many eloquent ass-phrases.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist an alliterative admiration addendum (see what I mean?). I had to leave a comment.

Alas, I’m such a jerk.


One comment

  1. Hey, I found your blog through twitter.

    I have an affinity for alliteration also, it is strange but I always catch my self getting my alliteration on, so to speak.

    And you’re right about Karen, ass-phrases aplenty!


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